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The Vitality Bowls corporate team is led by founders Roy and Tara Gilad. They are committed to ensuring each franchise owner has every opportunity to achieve their goals.

An incredible support team provides guidance on real-estate, architectural design, construction, P&L Management and ongoing operations.

The Vitality Bowls team is always on-call and available to answer any questions. They work side-by-side with franchise owners on anything they need, including sales and marketing, operations, training and ideas for improvement. We have an exceptional and dedicated Vitality Bowls family!

“Very vegan friendly. Had been with a group of friends. Healthy
nutritious food that is also tasty.

-Roshan D, Austin, TXyelp_5




We’ve learned over the years that finding the perfect location is no easy feat. Our role is to guide franchise owners on appropriate demographics and fair leases as well as help negotiate a fair cost-per-square-foot.


If you pick the wrong contractor, chances are you’ll spend 2-3 times more on a café build-out. We have pre-approved vendors to help design and construct your Vitality Bowls Superfood Café so that it’s affordable and on time.


In order to create a financially successful business, you need to understand your economics and make numbers-based decisions. We train our franchise owners on how to understand things like managing their P & L’s, cost of goods, labor and everything in between.


After being awarded a franchise agreement, we will schedule your initial training. This takes place at our headquarters in Danville, CA. You’ll learn everything there is to know about successfully running a Vitality Bowls. We will also travel to your location during your opening to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


As needed, we will continue to periodically visit your location to ensure your store is consistently running efficiently, help answer any new questions, as well as ensure the brand standards are being maintained.


Our talented field operations managers have years of experience supporting the Vitality Bowls family in all areas from scheduling and inventory to marketing and reviewing financials. They understand what it takes to operate a successful Vitality Bowls.


Communication is key to success. By staying in constant communication, we help ensure you have consistent access to our founders and their experience, learn about recent company innovations, as well as hear what’s working well with other franchise owners.


We train and assist our franchise owners with a variety of marketing mediums to ensure your local Vitality Bowls is known to your communities. From public relations, social media and influencer partnerships, local store marketing and much more…we’ve got your back here.


Distribution and logistics in the supply chain network are critical to the success of our Superfood Cafes.  We coordinate the products, negotiate best prices and secure quality products nationally to ensure brand integrity, quality, and profitability. We also work with key suppliers and distribution partners to maintain the best level of support for our franchisees.