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Vitality Bowls Launches Kids Menu

BY QSR – The superfood sensation that is energizing the nation’s healthy-food movement is now providing kids with additional delicious alternatives to traditional fast-casual offerings.

Recognizing that children have fallen in love with the superfood café right alongside their parents, Vitality Bowls, which specializes in açaí bowls, a thick blend of the Amazon’s antioxidant-rich açaí berry topped with a selection of superfood ingredients, announced the creation of new menu items geared specifically for kids.

“It’s so important that children learn the value of putting quality, healthy foods into their bodies at a young age,” says Tara Gilad, chief operating officer of Vitality Bowls. “Vitality Bowls was founded as the solution to our daughter’s nutritional requirements after discovering she had severe food allergies, so it was only natural for us to develop a menu entirely for kids. Our new additions to the kids menu really reflect our passion for providing healthy, delicious, and nutritious options for everyone who walks into our cafés—starting with the tiniest of our customers.” read more

Some of the delicious options available to children on the new menu include:

· Sunsation Smoothie (lemonade, açaí, bananas, and strawberries, plus an option to add spinach)

· Kids Açaí Bowl (organic açaí, apple juice, bananas, and strawberries, topped with organic granola, bananas, and strawberries)

· Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Mozzarella and Provolone cheeses on white or whole wheat bread)

· Fresh Carrot Orange Juice

· Chocolate Frozen Banana (frozen banana dipped in chocolate)

The new additions will begin rolling out in Vitality Bowls cafés across the country in the coming days. It showcases the superfood café’s unique ability to create great-tasting, antioxidant-rich menu items for anyone and everyone seeking to eat healthier. All dishes and beverages are made to order for each customer. No ingredient fillers such as ice, frozen yogurt, added sugar or artificial preservatives are used, giving the purest taste possible to each menu item.

It starts with the açaí berries at new Vitality Bowls restaurant

BY THE MERCURY NEWS – Tasty açaí berries are the core of the eating philosophy of Sunnyvale’s newest restaurant, although its cold, fruit-based lunches are a concept that may take adjustment for some.

“Because it’s cold you feel it’s a dessert rather than a lunch,” says Praveen Kumar, owner of the Vitality Bowls. “Even I had to take time to get used to it. It was just after realizing the health benefits rather than me eating carbs. Me being Asian, my life is pretty much eating rice or wheat. I used to eat a lot of salads and I lost a lot of weight during that time, but I didn’t find that really nourishing because it’s just a filler.” read more

Vitality Bowls started in San Ramon in 2011, but quickly found that its fruit-based meals struck a chord with diners and since has spread to other locations throughout the Bay Area.

Founders Tara and Roy Gilad were impressed by açaí as a street food in Brazil and decided to bring it back with them to use as the main ingredient and base for healthy meals.

The bowls at Vitality Bowls start with a base of what Kumar calls a frozen fruit blend–frozen açaí or other fruit high in antioxidants blended with different fruits but no additional juices or sugars, topped with granola for crunch and then additional sliced fruit.

Kumar began eating at the Vitality Bowls in Pleasanton’s Stoneridge Shopping Center while looking for a healthy lunch option that also catered to his vegetarianism. After eating lunch there for nearly a month he was sold on the concept and decided to take a break from his job as a developer of iPhones and iPads to open his own Vitality Bowls in Sunnyvale.

“I moved out of Sunnyvale in 2009, but it always has a place in my heart. I live in Morgan Hill but I feel like Sunnyvale is where I want to be, but it’s too expensive for me to get a good home,” said Kumar.” I used to live right on El Camino and Wolfe, and so I was used to that area, I couldn’t find any healthy eating options. Other places offer healthy bowls but put in fillers.”

Besides the bowls, the restaurant offers paninis, smoothies and snacks. Everything can be made gluten-free or in other ways to accommodate people with allergies.

“I’m a vegetarian, but I learned to make even the meat paninis,” Kumar said. “I didn’t eat it, but I was slicing the meat and my dad said, ‘Wow, you must really believe in this.’”

Vitality Bowls is located at 605 Tasman Drive in Sunnyvale.