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@jullieanne Posts About Vitality Bowls

@jullieanne Posts About Vitality Bowls

There are new savory items on the menu at Vitality Bowls! A few days ago, my husband and I were invited to sample a couple of things for lunch! The chimichurri steak and potato bowl was my favorite. It comes with roasted potatoes, super greens, a grains blend, pumpkin seeds, and of course, chimichurri sauce. I loved that the potatoes and grains were warm and seasoned really well. The roasted tomatoes were also a surprising pop of flavor. There are well balanced flavors in here and so much texture!

Kevin really liked the Vitality wrap, too. It has their signature super greens and grain blend, along with avocado, pickled red onions, and radish, all wrapped in a tomato tortilla. He also added chicken. We both thought the hummus and lemon tahini vinaigrette were delicious additions as well!

We love to grab smoothies and a quick lunch like this when we’re out running errands, and it’s great to have another local option. My husband likes to bring salads and wraps to work, so this is perfect for that, too. If you’re on the way to Folsom Lake, or heading to nearby Olympus Park, these would all be great for picnicking!

We even had a great time chatting with the owner Dana, who actually used to live in Hawaii. She’s really proud of their smoothie bowls, so we ordered the Green Smoothie Bowl made with soursop and ate it on the way home. It did not disappoint! Everything we tried was tasty and really filled us up! Thank you so much to the VB team for having us!

@we.eatpraylove Posts About Vitality Bowls

@we.eatpraylove Posts About Vitality Bowls

Happy Sunday! Have you been to @vitalitybowlsbrea? We had such a wonderful, hearty brunch @vitalitybowlsbrea. It is located in Downtown Brea and it’s perfect healthy brunch place!

Vitality Bowls is a local superfood café specializing in açaí bowls and smoothies. The café recently launched an exclusive new menu, featuring made-to-order wraps, savory toasts and hearty bowls crafted to compliment sweet fan-favorites like creamy açaí bowls and refreshing smoothies.

Chimichurri steak & potato bowl
Superseed Avocado Toast
Vitality Wrap
Breakfast bowl