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Vitality Bowls Love Bowl Available Through February

Vitality Bowls Love Bowl Available Through February

From Nation’s Restaurant News on February 2, 2024:

Vitality Bowls

The Love Bowl: A base of açaí, pitaya, mango, banana, maca, coconut, and raspberry topped with “vanilla crunch” (gluten-free granola made with corn, flax seed, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and vanilla), coconut, goji berries, cacao nips, and chocolate chips, starting at $14.99 for a medium

Availability: Through February

Vitality Bowls to Open in Harrison, New Jersey

From QSR on January 29, 2024:

Vitality Bowls, the leading health-food café concept that specializes in açaí bowls, smoothies, salads, wraps, grain bowls and more, made with antioxidant-rich and nutritious superfoods, announced the exciting debut of its newest café in Harrison on February 9. Spearheaded by local residents and entrepreneurs, Amit and Tuhina Patel, the new location will serve as the go-to destination for quick and healthy meals made with clean, high-quality ingredients. 

To celebrate the grand opening, Vitality Bowls in Harrison will be offering exclusive deals to all guests, including Buy One Get One free on all açaí bowls on February 9, and Buy One Get One 50% Off on any menu item on February 10-11.

“I’m thrilled to introduce Vitality Bowls to the Harrison community. Our café is more than just healthy food – it’s a lifestyle,” says Amit Patel, a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years. Alongside his partner, Tuhina, Amit is committed to helping people live a healthy life, offering a wide variety of health-focused menu items. “We freshly prepare each item using the highest quality ingredients. Plus, all açaí bowls and smoothies are prepared without any ingredient fillers like ice or frozen yogurt. Vitality Bowls is here to prove that eating nutritious food is 100% vital to a happy, healthy life and luckily for residents in Harrison, we’ve made it delicious, too.” 

Situated at 434 Bergen Street in the bustling Harrison Plaza, the new café marks the first Vitality Bowls establishment in New Jersey, contributing to the 70+ locations open now nationwide.

For over a decade, Vitality Bowls has pioneered healthy food with its dynamic cafés and unique offerings. The menu showcases an extraordinary array of superfoods, delivering not just meals but a commitment to exceptional nutritional value. From signature bowls like the Superfood Bowl—made with acai, pitaya, almond milk, organic granola, cacao nibs and goji berries—to hearty crowd favorites like the Chimichurri Steak Wrap—an enticing blend of super greens, grass-fed sous-vide steak, grains, radishes and more wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla—each item aligns with the brand’s mission help guests feel 100% energized and 100% revitalized.

“We’re thrilled about the arrival of our newest Vitality Bowls café under the ownership of Amit and Tuhina. As a brand deeply committed to nourishing communities, we’re confident that they are the perfect entrepreneurs to share the delicious and nutritious world of Vitality Bowls with the Harrison community,” says Tara Gilad, Co-Founder and President of Vitality Bowls. “Amit’s background as a health professional, Tuhina’s outstanding leadership experience, and their shared understanding of our mission will put them in a prime position to grow our vibrant superfood concept in Harrison.”

The Vitality Bowls Loyalty Club, the brand’s mobile app and loyalty program, adds another layer of convenience to the guest experience. The program allows members to accrue one Vitality Point for every dollar spent, redeem collected points, order online with ease and more. In addition to exclusive deals and freebies, Loyalty Club members can redeem a complimentary açaí bowl on their birthday and earn a $10 reward for every 150 Vitality Points they accumulate.

Vitality Bowls Announces New Loyalty Program

From QSR on December 5, 2023:

Vitality Bowls, the Northern California-born superfood café franchise known for its nutritious and allergy-friendly dishes, has announced the unveiling of its brand-new loyalty program in partnership with Incentivio. The refreshed program called the Vitality Bowls Loyalty Club, will reward devoted customers with deals and freebies, streamline online ordering, and enhance the brand’s digital presence with a new and improved mobile app. The Vitality Bowls Loyalty Club will officially launch on Wednesday, December 6.

“Remaining committed to fresh, high-quality superfoods to every community across the country inspired us to breathe new life into our beloved Loyalty Program,” says Tara Gilad, Co-Founder and President of Vitality Bowls. “The new app is intuitive and simple to navigate, and includes benefits our existing fans have come to love and expect from our loyalty program. We are thrilled about the new Vitality Bowls Loyalty Club and the advantages it will provide to our customers and café operators alike.”

Teaming up with Incentivio, a dynamic guest engagement software platform, the brand was determined to create a loyalty guest experience that exemplified the perks of its first program, such as a spend-based points system, simplified online ordering and exclusive deals and offers. With the new Vitality Bowls Loyalty Club, customers can still accrue one Vitality Point for every dollar spent, redeem collected points, order online with ease and more. Additionally, guests will be able to redeem a complimentary small acai bowl on their birthday and earn a $10 reward once they accumulate 150 Vitality Points. Plus, existing Vitality Bowls loyalty program members can easily transfer their accumulated points from the previous system to the revamped app, ensuring a seamless transition for valued guests.

“Bringing our wealth of experience in developing cutting-edge apps and loyalty programs to the table, we are proud to have collaborated closely with Tara and the Vitality Bowls team,” says Sash Dias, COO and Co Founder of Incentivio. “Our mission is to help restaurant brands deliver amazing experiences, and working with a brand as unique as Vitality Bowls has been truly inspiring. Together, we’ve set a new standard, crafting an app, loyalty program and ecosystem that not only aligns effortlessly with the brand’s vision but also enriches the customer experience.”

Vitality Bowls has become a bonafide leader in the health food industry since its inception in 2011, offering acai bowls, smoothies, juice, wraps, salads and panini. All Vitality Bowls menu items are prepared in a kitchen designed to avoid cross contact for customers with food allergies. The brand’s menu items are also free of ingredient fillers such as ice or frozen yogurt, giving the purest taste possible.

Vitality Bowls Announces New Fall Items

Vitality Bowls Announces New Fall Items

From QSR on October 23, 2023:

A picture of the Oatmeal Bowl.


Vitality Bowls’ new Hot Oatmeal is crafted with house made oatmeal, topped with honey and a choice of two toppings.

Vitality Bowls—the renowned café known for delicious and nutritious superfood offerings like açaí bowls, smoothies, juices, salads, wraps and more—has introduced two new menu sensations: Oatmeal and a side of Hummus with hand-cut Veggies. The additions to the lineup of superfood creations will launch on October 1 along with the return of the fan-favorite Pumpkin Bowl.

To commemorate the addition of hot oatmeal, with customer’s choice of superfood toppings, Vitality Bowls will be offering a deal on National Oatmeal Day that guests won’t want to miss. On October 29, National Oatmeal Day, Loyalty Members will have the exclusive opportunity to get $1 off their Oatmeal order.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to kick off the fall season with our new hot oatmeal and savory hummus offerings,” said Tara Gilad, Co-Founder and President of Vitality Bowls. “We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our superfood menu and cater to all guests’ taste buds. With the success of our recent Chia Seed Pudding launch in September, now is the perfect time for guests to find their new fall favorites at Vitality Bowls!”

Vitality Bowls’ new Hot Oatmeal is crafted with house made oatmeal, topped with honey and a choice of two toppings from Vitality Bowls’ lineup of superfoods, fruit, nut butters and more. The new side of Hummus is paired with crisp celery and carrots and comes in at just 111 calories for the serving.

In addition to the launch of Oatmeal and Hummus, Vitality Bowls is bringing back the Pumpkin Bowl to build off the fall vibes. The Pumpkin Bowl, which will be available through October and November, is crafted with organic açaí, pumpkin, organic cinnamon, strawberries, banana and almond milk, topped­­­ with organic granola, strawberries, banana, pumpkin seeds, honey and nutmeg. 

Vitality Bowls has become a bonafide leader in the health food industry since its inception in 2011. All Vitality Bowls menu items are made to order and prepared in a kitchen designed to avoid cross contact for customers with food allergies. The brand’s menu items are also free of ingredient fillers such as ice, frozen yogurt or artificial preservatives, giving the purest taste possible. 

Vitality Bowls Plans Location on East Broad

Vitality Bowls Plans Location on East Broad

From Mansfield Record on October 21, 2023:

Vitality Bowls, the renowned Northern California-born restaurant brand that specializes in açaí bowls, smoothies, wraps, salads and more, has announced a signed agreement with local entrepreneurs, Chris and Rena Boyd, to open the health-focused superfood café in Mansfield.

The café will be at 3030 E. Broad St., and will offer a variety of unique, nutrient-dense foods that cater to residents, professionals and visitors. Focused on food allergy safety and creating meals packed with antioxidants, Vitality Bowls provides a welcoming environment for those seeking nourishing meal options that don’t compromise on taste.

“Rena and I are honored to bring the Vitality Bowls experience to Mansfield and create a warm, welcoming environment that will provide others with convenient and healthy foods. We are confident that Vitality Bowls will make a positive impact on the community through nutritious offerings that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Chris Boyd, a seasoned professional with experience in management, operations, supply chain and marketing in the consumer-packaged goods industry. “We’re both very passionate about healthy eating and the café will be a great place for people to gather and enjoy tasty food made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and superfoods. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Vitality Bowls.”

Over the past decade, Vitality Bowls has become an impactful leader in the health food industry. The sophisticated, dynamic cafés play perfectly into the unique collection of superfood menu items, all containing extraordinary ingredients packed with antioxidants and high nutritional value.

Vitality Bowls offers a variety of sweet and savory options, including a new menu lineup that features tropical items such as the Groovy Guava, Purple Passion and Piña Colada smoothies. Other fresh additions to the menu include nutrient-rich bowls like the Island Bowl, made with guava, organic acerola, banana, coconut shavings and mulberries, and the Beach Bowl, crafted with an organic coconut blend and topped with organic granola, strawberries, pineapple and cacao nibs. For a bright and refreshing bowl, fans can also try the new Blue Bliss Bowl, packed with pineapple, coconut, mango and blue spirulina topped with organic granola, banana, blueberries and coconut shavings.

In addition to açaí bowls and smoothies, Vitality Bowls also offers warm, savory items including salads, panini, grain bowls, wraps and toasts loaded with all natural, grass-fed and sous-vide prepared meats, nutritional ingredients and a wide range of superfood toppings. Options include the Chimichurri Steak and Potato Bowl made with super greens, grass-fed steak, grains, roasted potato, radish, chimichurri, lemon tahini vinaigrette and pepitas, and Avocado Toast with grape tomatoes, feta cheese, superseed crunch and sea salt.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chris and Rena to the Vitality Bowls family,” said Tara Gilad, co-founder of Vitality Bowls. “They have a deep passion for living healthy lifestyles and are eager to bring delicious food with health benefits to the Mansfield area. Together, they possess strong core values that align perfectly with our brand’s mission. We are beyond excited to watch them grow the brand and make a positive impact in the community.”

No date has been set for opening the new Mansfield location.

There are currently over 130 Vitality Bowls locations open and in development across the United States.

Health is Wealth at Vitality Bowls Carmel

Health is Wealth at Vitality Bowls Carmel

From Divine Triplett at on August 15, 2023:

(WISH Photo)

Get ready to embark on a journey of nourishment and wellness as we welcome Shawn Robinson, the esteemed Manager of Vitality Bowls Carmel, to our screens. Shawn, a local superfood expert, is about to unravel the secrets of crafting nutrient-packed and delicious smoothies right from the comfort of your own home. In this exciting segment, viewers will be treated to a virtual masterclass on creating an array of vibrant and healthy smoothies that can invigorate the body and delight the taste buds.

(WISH Photos)

As Shawn takes center stage, the spotlight will be on a medley of vibrant and invigorating smoothies. From the tropical allure of the Pina Colada Smoothie to the rich and tantalizing Purple Passion Smoothie, each sip promises a burst of flavor and vitality. The Groovy Guava Smoothie will transport viewers to an exotic paradise, while the Matcha Madness Smoothie will showcase the trendy infusion of matcha’s earthy essence with the goodness of superfoods. Through step-by-step demonstrations, Shawn will share the art of blending these ingredients into harmonious concoctions that pack a powerful nutritional punch. Get ready to unleash your inner smoothie virtuoso and join Shawn as he guides us through these delectable creations, offering a sneak peek into the world of superfood-driven beverages that can easily be recreated in your own kitchen.