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Barley Mac and super foods for Rosslyn

BY WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL – Speaking of Rosslyn, another full-service restaurant can’t stop the fast-casual onslaught. Vitality Bowl, a fast-casual restaurant that highlights açaí berry bowls and other super foods, has leased 1,596 square feet at 1515 Wilson Blvd. The concept is out of California, but has three local owners, Anisha Sharma, Narender Neerukonda and Raghu Gondi. The restaurant, which aims to open this summer, serves açaí bowls that “feature a thick blend of the Amazon’s antioxidant-rich berry, topped with a variety of superfoods,” as well as fresh juice, organic soups, panini and salads. read more

Vitality Bowls Coming to Arlington

BY EATER DC – Vitality Bowls is coming to 1515 Wilson Blvd. this summer. The Northern California-based chain specializes in super foods like acai bowls. Also expect soups, salads, and sandwiches made with organic ingredients. read more

New Superfood Cafe

BY SAN DIEGO EATER — The first of several planned locations for a new superfood concept will land in the Otay Ranch Town Center next month. Northern California-based Vitality Bowls Cafe, which specializes in organic açaí bowls and smoothies, but also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner menu of fresh juices, organic soups, panini and salads, will open its first area outpost on Thursday April 14 when the first 50 customers will receive a free açaí bowl. And through April 17, the eatery will be offering a buy one get one for half off deal on all bowls. read more

Vitality Bowls serving up new dining option

BY THE MANTECA BULLETIN – Another restaurant is coming to Manteca. No, it’s not the sixth McDonald’s or even the sixth Subway Sandwiches or sixth Starbucks. It’s not a pizza place nor is it Mexican or Chinese food. Instead it’s Vitality Bowls that’s billed as having a “dynamic café vibe and superfood menu” that’s classified as “a fast casual healthy food restaurant.” Read More

It’s opening in May in the Stadium Retail Center anchored by Kohl’s and just across Airport Way from where a Sizzler’s restaurant is being built.

Fred and Delores Baluyut, who are opening the café, have indicated they plan on opening additional locations in the Manteca area once they get Vitality Bowls up and running at the Stadium Retail location. They are 30-year plus Manteca residents that are making the entrepreneurship plunge after two decades in the sales industry.

For all of those on social media slamming food choices in Manteca and claim there is nothing healthy to dine at in the Family City, they may have to eat their words.

Vitality Bowls doesn’t just act healthy by taking fat and such out of existing fare. While they offer smoothies, a fresh juice bar, organic soups, and Panini sandwiches the heart of their menu are 10 Acai Bowls using acai berries as their base.

The Warrior Bowl as an example for its base blend has organic acai, multi-vitamin blend, almond milk, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, flax seed, broccoli, and multi-vitamin boost. The topping are organic granola, bananas, strawberries, almonds, goji berries and honey.

The Dragon Bowl’s base has organic pitaya, mango juice, coconut milk, bananas, pineapple, raspberries, and immunity boost. The toppings are strawberries, kiwi, almonds, goji berries, bee pollen, and honey.

There are also two dessert bowls, a breakfast bowl and an oatmeal bowl. They offer two salads — a strawberry spinach salad and a kale salad.

There are four semi-traditional sandwich offerings — turkey, ham, salami, and veggies.

There are nine selections from the fresh juice bar. One example is The Intensifier featuring apple, beef, celery, raw ginger, and lemon. There is also the Lemon Ginger Shot. The two ounce drink includes fresh lemon and raw ginger with a dash of cayenne.

The kid’s menu offers a bowl option, a smoothie option as well as a grilled cheese sandwich with Mozzarella and Provolone cheese — (you were expecting American cheese or cheddar?) — served on either white or whole bread. Kids also have a choice of a side of fruit, carrot orange juice, non-fat milk — again you weren’t expecting whole milk — and lemonade.

They also offer a frozen banana dipped in chocolate.

It’s the first Vitality Bowls location in Inland California. The other Golden State stores are in Brea, Brentwood, Castro Valley, Chula Vista, Cupertino, Dublin, Irvine, Lafayette, Newark, Palo Alto, Pleasant Hill, two in Pleasanton, Redwood City, San Ramon, Sunnyvale and Walnut Creek.

There are five out-of-state locations including South Miami Beach, Irving in Texas, Indianapolis and Denver.

The San Ramon Valley-based franchise altogether has 20 locations with another 20 in development.

Roy and Tara Gilad, founded Vitality Bowls in 2011 in San Ramon. They started the superfood café concept as a result of discovering their daughter’s severe food allergies and wanting to find safe, healthy food alternatives. They started franchising in 2014.

All items on the menu are made to order for each customer. They are prepared in a kitchen to avoid cross contamination so customers with food allergies can feel safe about eating at Vitality Bowls. No ingredient fillers such as ice, frozen yogurt, added sugar or artificial preservatives are used.

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Vitality Bowls soon to open in Lubbock

BY KLBK-TV – Coming to Lubbock late spring or early summer is an amazing new superfood cafe, and owner Joty Brar joins us to explains what you can look forward to and how healthy your options are.  They will be located at 2400 Glenna Goodacre, Suite 106-D near the Texas Tech campus. read more