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@foodie_sob Posts About Vitality Bowls on Instagram

@foodie_sob Posts About Vitality Bowls on Instagram

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From @foodie_sob, Foodie Straight Outta Brooklyn: “Get ready because National Açaí Bowl Day is coming soon! I’m celebrating the day with Vitality Bowls in Alpharetta and here’s your chance to score a BOGO deal on Tuesday, April 6th!!!

Who’s ready to celebrate clean and healthy eating with @vitalitybowlsalpharetta / @vitalitybowls / and @foodie_SOB…Checkout the variety of bowls you can indulge in:
Vitality Bowl (organic açaí, strawberries, honey, etc.)
Tropical Bowl (organic açaí, coconut milk, pineapple
Dragon Bowl (organic pitaya, coconut milk, bananas, etc.)
Green Bowl (organic graviola, spirulina, hemp seeds, etc.)
Nutty Bowl (organic açaí, almond milk, peanut butter, etc.)

Which bowl will you select and who will you share your BOGO with?

Pics of my favorite bowls:
***Tropical Bowl w/ kiwi added (pic 1-5)
***BOGO Promo (pic 6)
***Warrior Açaí Bowl w/ peanut butter added (pic 7)
***The Love Bowl (pic 8)

*Note: You must be a loyalty customers in order to receive the BOGO offer. Check website for information and participating locations near you!
Thanks to @vitalitybowlsalpharetta / @vitalitybowls for requesting me to promote upcoming offer. {Gifted} #foodiesob#vitalitybowls#VBAcaiBowlDay#vitality#alpharetta#atl#sponsored#promo#bogo#bestfoodatlanta#foodietribe#foodie#smoothie#smoothiebowls#acaibowls#freshfruit#juicebar#delicious#food#superfood#postworkout#vegan#organic#healthy#cleanliving#healthylifestyle#healthyfood#strength#wellness | Female Fast Risers – Tara Gilad | Female Fast Risers – Tara Gilad

From Franchise Update Magazine// March 20, 2021 –

Name: Tara Gilad

Brand: Vitality Bowls

Title: President, Co-Founder

Age: 46

Years in franchising: 6

No. of units: 76 open; 146 total open and in development

What attracted you to franchising? Our first few locations were well-received and we wanted to bring our healthy food to more communities. We felt everyone should have access to nutritious and delicious superfoods with a focus on allergy safety.

What was your first job in franchising? I worked at a Round Table Pizza in college.

What do you attribute your success to? Identifying a healthy menu that is also delicious, along with having talented and dedicated team members.

What challenges and obstacles have you overcome in your career? Being a female in a male-dominated industry as well as going through a pregnancy and raising two children while growing an expanding business. It was also challenging to find a work/life balance when we started. In the last couple of years, as we’ve grown and been able to bring on more team members, I’ve finally achieved this. 

Describe your journey to your current position: I started creating recipes in my kitchen before we opened our first location in 2011. We opened our second location 5 months later, and our third a year later. We began franchising in 2014 and today have 146 locations either open or in development.

What are your future career goals? To maintain my current role as president and continue to expand the company and bring healthy foods to all communities. Since fewer than 10% of brands ever launch more than 100 open stores, it has been a personal goal for me to try to achieve this by 2022. 

Advice to young female executives in franchising: Find something you are passionate about and give it all you have! Be willing to stay flexible, focused, and driven.

See original article here. Vitality Bowls to Offer Free Granola on Saturday Vitality Bowls to Offer Free Granola on Saturday

Vitality Bowls Fresh Acai Bowls

From | INDUSTRY NEWS | MARCH 19, 2021 – Vitality Bowls is joining forces with Nature’s Path Organic Foods to offer superfood café customers extra granola on any Vitality Bowls menu item for free.

Offered only on Saturday, March 20, Vitality Bowls customers will be able to add extra Nature’s Path Organic Hemp granola to their favorite smoothie or açaí bowl all day long. Made with whole grain rolled oats, flax seeds and hemp seeds, Nature’s Path Organic Hemp granola is certified organic, non-GMO and free of artificial preservatives or additives.

“Our rich açaí bowls and smoothies, fresh fruit and superfood toppings pair perfectly with the crunch of Nature’s Path granola—it really is one of our most popular add-ons,” says Tara Gilad, president and co-founder of Vitality Bowls. “We are excited to share the love of extra granola with dedicated Vitality Bowls enthusiasts on March 20 and encourage new fans to try it, too.”

Customers can redeem the free granola add-on at their nearest participating Vitality Bowls location on March 20 with the purchase of a bowl or smoothie.

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@fairlyfoodie Posts About Vitality Bowls

@fairlyfoodie Posts About Vitality Bowls

@fairlyfoodie posts about vitality bowls

From @fairlyfoodie – “Thank you @vitalitybowls for inviting me to try their açaí bowl!

I got the Vitality Bowl that has an açaí base and topped with granola, strawberries, bananas, goji berries, and honey. The wasn’t too sweet and I love the granola and fruit with the açaí I’ve actually been craving for an açaí bowl so this satisfies my cravings percent!

@vitalitybowls is having a promotion tomorrow, March 20th, for a free add-on of granola! If you’re in Seattle, be sure to check them out”