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Vitality Bowls | Superfood Cafe

We were so happy to be invited to Vitality Bowls and try a variety of their offerings! Their signature bowls & smoothies are made with the purest ingredients available. They don’t use any fillers like ice, frozen yogurt, or artificial preservatives!

Superfood Bowl
Organic Acai | Graviola | Pitaya | Bananas | Strawberries | Kale | VB Blend | Almond Milk | Topped with Organic Granola | Sliced Bananas | Blueberries | Organic Goji Berries | Organic Cacao Nibs | Honey

Superseed Avocado Toast
Whole Grain Toast | Avocado | Grape Tomatoes | Feta Cheese | Superseed Crunch | Sea Salt

The Dragon
Pitaya | Strawberries | Raspberries | Mango | Guava Juice