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BY THE MERCURY NEWS — East County’s first superfood café is hoping to boost customer’s diets with ultra-healthy foods like acai and kale served in a variety of bowls, smoothies, salads, paninis and juices. read more

Vitality Bowls opens this week at The Streets of Brentwood next to Starbucks and Red Robin. The cafe will be preparing items like the Detox Bowl, which includes organic acai, almond milk, flaxseed, kale, spirulina, honey, almonds and a variety of fresh fruits.

“Here in Brentwood, there are not a lot of healthy food concepts. It is an underserved location in terms of healthy food,” café owner Ameet Seth said.

Vitality Bowls started with its San Ramon location four years ago and now has 15 locations, including cafes in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Dublin, Lafayette, Redwood City and San Francisco.

“We have offerings that nobody has in this area. We carry things that you can’t just go to your average restaurant to get,” said the company’s founder, Tara Gilad.

According to Gilad, the superfood movement is not just a trend because people are more mindful about what they eat these days, including the next generation. Vitality Bowls makes organic salads and their meats are preservative-free.

“Everyone wants to eat healthy and the new generation eats healthier than we did when we grew up,” she said. “Every bowl is absolutely delicious and topped differently. Our younger generation is standing in line to eat our bowls.”

Vitality Bowls also tries to recruit and mentor young employees from the surrounding area. The Brentwood location has hired 27 part-time employees with many from Liberty, Freedom and Deer Valley high schools.

Although Gilad studied health science in college and was raised by organic farmers, her true inspiration for creating Vitality Bowls was her daughter’s severe food allergies.

“We started this business for her. We created a restaurant that is allergy-safe,” Gilad said. The company also tries to be completely all-natural and healthy. For example, their smoothies consist of all fruits and vegetables with no additional sugar and are almost half as many calories as the typical smoothie served at a health food café.

“We are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle and tell people that it isn’t a side dish served here,” Seth said. “You will be full and feel fantastic after it.”

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