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BY DALLAS FOOD NERD – If you are unfamiliar with Açaí Bowls®, it’s this magical treat made out of frozen, blended açaí berry with toppings ranging from fruit to granola. Basically, it’s “healthy ice cream” and I have a strange obsession with it. I typically make them at home but didn’t quite like the amount of work that goes into it. The clean up is even worse! I’ve always wished that there was a place nearby where I could get an Açaí Bowl® instead of having to deal with the chaos of making them. My dream came true when Vitality Bowls opened up a location in Irving, TX last month! read more

Vitality Bowls is conveniently placed in the Las Colinas Village shopping center just behind Starbucks and Taco Diner. They’ve got ample seating, which is perfect for the amount of customers that stop by. I was honestly surprised with how many people were coming in and were loving it! I feel like Açaí Bowls® are still somewhat of a foreign concept to Texans but it was nice to see how many locals were eager to try it during their lunch break. There were even customers who admitted that it was their second or third time at Vitality Bowls just for that week! I obviously don’t blame them. There are plenty of other options to choose from besides their bowls: smoothies, juices, and paninis are also part of their menu.

Their Ham Panini was actually the perfect size for consumption, and an even better deal when added to a bowl (for just +$3.99)! The combination of the sun dried tomatoes and ham was satisfying along with the warm and perfectly-pressed bread. I definitely recommend it! The dijon may have been a little too strong for me, but I’m not a fan of mustard to begin with. My husband said it was fine, though.

My husband tried Vitality Bowls’ Bowl of the Month: The Brain Bowl. Aptly named because it has ingredients that help improve memory and encourage the growth of neural stem cells! It’s made from the combination of açaí and acerola with coconut milk, gingko, kale, banana, pineapple, kiwi, granola, blueberries, and chia seeds. He’s generally a picky eater but he devoured this!

I ordered the Dragon Bowl, which is by far my favorite item on their menu. It’s a blend of açaí and dragon fruit, mango juice, bananas, and more. Topped with strawberries, kiwi, goji berries, bee pollen, almonds, and honey (with extra granola), it’s definitely an explosion of flavors and textures! We only got medium sized bowls, but you get a better deal with a large bowl and you can just take home whatever you don’t finish. My sweet-toothed self thoroughly enjoyed this bowl. I’d choose it over ice cream any day!

If you’re trying to introduce healthy components into your palate but are a little wary, Vitality Bowls is a great starting point. They are very knowledgeable about every ingredient that makes it into the bowls and will help you make sure that you find something that you’ll like. If you’re not ready to dive into their Açaí Bowls®, you can always stop by to try their smoothies, juices, or paninis!

Vitality Bowls is located at 5910 N. MacArthur Blvd Suite 139 Irving, TX 75039.