3 New Restaurants Opening Soon in Omaha, Nebraska

BY FEAST NATION – Vitality Bowls, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and Blaze Pizza will be opening soon in Omaha, Nebraska.

Vitality Bowls – Superfood Cafe, known for Açaí Bowls. 2835 S 170th Plaza #208 Omaha, Nebraska.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – Coming to Village Pointe in May 2019. 17305 Davenport Street #203 Omaha, Nebraska

Blaze Pizza – 125th and West Dodge Road Omaha, Nebraska 

Vitality Bowls Coming to Madison, Flowood

BY JACKSON FREE PRESS – California-based “superfood” cafe chain Vitality Bowls is opening two locations in Mississippi, one at 111 Colony Crossing Way in Madison and one 256 Dogwood Boulevard in Flowood.

#Roy and Tara Gilad founded Vitality Bowls in San Ramon, Calif., in 2011, after discovering their daughter has severe food allergies. The couple began franchising in 2014 and has since opened 100 cafes across the United States.

#The menu at Vitality Bowls centers around a dish called “açaí na tigela,” a Brazilian dish made of mashed, frozen acai fruit and topped with nutrient-dense “superfoods,” including berries such as acerola, camu camu and aronia; fruits such as mangosteens and graviola; maca roots, bee pollen and more. Vitality Bowls prepares all of its dishes in special kitchens designed to avoid cross-contamination among different ingredients for the sake of customers with food allergies.

#Vitality Bowls will also have a full-service coffee bar that will offer “superfood” drinks such as espresso, lattes and organic cold-brew coffee mixed with ingredients like acai, pitaya fruit and matcha tea leaves.

#For more information or to view the full menu, visit vitalitybowls.com.

Restaurant Roundup: News from The Keep, Jeni’s and more

Restaurant Roundup: News from The Keep, Jeni’s and more

BY THE COLUMBUS UNDERGROUND – The California-based restaurant opened at The Shoppes at Stonecreek in Pickerington on Thursday, March 14. Branded as a superfoods café, Vitality Bowls offers a menu of smoothies, juices, soups, salads and paninis.

Vitality Bowls will operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

For more information, visit vitalitybowls.com.

Super bowls

BY THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH – Ohio’s first Vitality Bowls opens Thursday at 1510 Stone Creek Drive South in Pickerington.

The California-based restaurant chain specializes in acai bowls — a thick blend of the Amazon’s antioxidant-rich acai berry, topped with a variety of superfoods such as graviola, acerola, mangosteen and spirulina.

The new franchise location will be the first for Terry and Cyndi Roberts, who plan to open a second cafe in the greater Columbus area.

Vitality Bowls brings superfood to Eugene

Vitality Bowls brings superfood to Eugene

BY DAILY EMERALD – Eight years ago, Vitality Bowls originated in Northern California and set out with one menu item and a goal in mind to create a healthy, fulfilling meal. Founders Roy and Tara Gilad stumbled upon the idea for a superfood restaurant when they were struggling to find somewhere that accommodated their daughter’s severe food allergies. Since 2011, Vitality Bowls has expanded across the country to over 60 locations; their next one is opening in Eugene on Jan. 31 within the Coburg Station on 440 Coburg Rd.

The owner of the soon-to-be-opened supercafe is Sweet Home native Jessica Hufford. Hufford now lives in the Coburg area and wanted a restaurant in her community that made a difference by introducing delicious, healthy food options into the area. Similar to the founders, Hufford got involved with Vitality Bowls because of her dietary restrictions and the need for more places that had a transparent menu.

“The first time that I ate [at Vitality Bowls] I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I knew right away,” Hufford said. “I really appreciate their mission in creating a healthier community.”

Hufford and the Gilad’s reference to Vitality Bowls being “transparent” pertains to the extensive list of any and all ingredients inside each item, listed right there on the menu. Nothing is ever pre-made and cross-contamination is avoided by making sure everything is made fresh to order. Hufford said it is important for customers to know what is in their food so they can be educated while ordering and make an informed decision that benefits their health.

“You can add or change anything in your item that you choose,” Hufford said.

Vitality Bowls was first centered around Açaí bowls and the item remains the most prominent option on the menu.

The amount of fresh ingredients in açai bowls is exhaustive. The base can be blended with any combination of fruits and vegetables along with the option of seeds, boosts and more. The bowl is then topped off with a choice of granola, honey, bee pollen and/or berries, among other options.

“There’s really nothing else in Eugene that offers the same level of superfood ingredients,” Hufford said.

Hufford decided to partner with Vitality Bowls as opposed to other superfood options because of the diversity of the menu. Not only does the supercafe have açai bowls, but they also offer salads, paninis, soups, smoothies, juices and coffee. They carefully source their ingredients and prioritize serving only the best and healthiest superfood options.

According to Hufford, açai berries actually have 15 times more antioxidants than blueberries — that’s what makes the bowls so “super.” While the science is still out on whether antioxidants are the all-encompassing cure to cell damage that can lead to any number of diseases, the US Government recommends eating the fruits and vegetables that are often associated with high antioxidant levels.

The claim is that antioxidants can help fight “free radicals,” which are chaotic cells that can be created from smoking, pollution, sunlight and exercise. These free radicals are said to cause cell damage that can lead to cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and nearly any disease or condition imaginable.

Multiple double-blind studies, The Women’s Health Study and The Women’s Antioxidant Cardiovascular Study,both sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health couldn’t prove these claims to be true. Still, this is not to say that açaí berries and foods similar aren’t indeed healthy and beneficial.

Vitality Bowls serves 14 different açaí bowl combinations, 13 fresh fruit-blended smoothies, nine freshly-squeezed juices, five panini options, two salad options and a rotating soup option; they also offer pour over coffee. Panini choices range from a steak sirloin sandwich with mozzarella, onions, spinach and Dijon to a more adventurous sandwich with bananas, peanut butter and honey.

With the city-sponsored ribbon cutting of Vitality Bowls happening on the morning of Jan. 31 at 11 a.m., it won’t be long until the trend of superfood sweeps through Eugene.