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By Community Impact – Vitality Bowls in Friendswood donated over 150 smoothies to health care workers to thank them for their work during COVID-19. Once it safe for them to visit, they plan on donating food to those in nursing homes as well.

“We want to let them know that they are not left out. People do care,” owner Jackie Thomas said.

Thomas and her husband, Jimmy, are both owners at Vitality Bowls and have a son-in-law in the medical field. Because of this, the owners were even more attuned to the struggle medical workers face right now, Thomas said. The business also started giving discounts or free items to medical workers who would show up at the business, Thomas said, and the medical workers were always grateful. So when the corporation asked if anyone had ideas for how to help during COVID-19, it was an easy decision, Thomas said.

“We did the same thing after [Hurricane] Harvey. We went to the shelters where people were gathered and brought smoothies and small acai bowls,” Thomas said.

The business offered the same things to health care workers during its donations drive in April, along with an immunity boost, or a shot of lemon ginger and cayenne pepper. The business started the drive after the stay-at-home order was placed.

“Our business dropped 75%. We had people working at our store, and we started using that time to give back,” Thomas said.

Vitality Bowls, located at 1520 Bay Area Blvd., Ste. 115, Friendswood, primarily sells smoothies, smoothie bowls and other healthy items. Thomas said she hopes customers continue to support the business and healthy eating on the other side of the pandemic as well.

“We want the community to know that we are a health-conscious food provider. We want people to boost their immune systems and keep themselves at a level where healthy eating is a priority in people’s lives,” Thomas said.