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BY HOPSCOTCH AND JELLYBEANS – The items on the menu are made fresh to order. All without any trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, fillers or added sugar, no artificial preservatives and it all tastes wonderful. Who knew truly healthy food could taste so good?

I took my Boyznberries to try out Vitality Bowls and no I did not tell them it was good for them. I didn’t want any meltdowns along the way. Despite my youngest being my poster child for eating brussels sprouts at 5 years old. We all have that ONE picky eater and I just didn’t feel like getting into a debate. I secretly knew that I would most likely eat with the family. Then when we left I would take  “That” Picky eater  and we would go to a fast food place and load up his arteries in high saturated fat while he dipped his processed food in artificial ranch. Trust me I felt guilty and it looks like I won’t getting Mother of Year either.

Or at least I thought, hold the saturated fat with the supersizing of clogging my sons arteries.

Despite the signs everywhere that promoted health I was happy for once that he was less than observant.

When it was time to order the older one decided to get the Turkey Panini with Whole wheat and no sun-dried tomatoes. My middle one had the Turkey Panini as well with an “Add” extra Salami and provolone cheese. The youngest had the Grilled Cheese Panini on white bread and “Shared” with everyone else. I mean food always tastes better on the other persons plate, rightI had the Turkey Panini the way it was intended along with the Tropical bowl. My teenager also ordered the Dragon Bowl with Gluten Free Granola. We also had two juices; The Rejuvenator and The Rehydrator. We all took to my five year olds idea and decided to “Share” the bowls. After all, sharing is caring. read more