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BY Bellingham Herald – Vitality Bowls, located at Barkley Village, is offering free smoothies for those fighting on the front lines. On Thursday, April 2, the business had 500 smoothies they were looking to distribute.

Health care professionals and first responders can drop in to pick up smoothies for their entire department, not just for themselves. Vitality Bowls just asks the employee arrive in a work vehicle or with a badge.

Vitality Bowls has had 473 smoothies donated by customers for first responders and is matching every one purchased.

Vitality Bowls will also be holding two events next week for first responders that were donated by local businesses.

On Tuesday, April 7, Emergency Reporting will distribute $200 worth of smoothies that will be matched by Vitality Bowls.

Three days later on Friday, April 10, Country Financial has started an open tab of $1,500 for first responders to not only enjoy a free smoothie, but also a meal, including medium acai bowl or panini and smoothie combo. Jeff Savage of Country Financial said anything purchased above $1,500 he will pay for himself.

Vitality Bowls is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.